Print Orders & Pricing

What do you provide?
I photograph and make un-framed, un-matted prints on archival photo papers. I also sell print usage rights, in case you would like to print the image. In this case, you would receive a print-ready-high-resolution file. I often work with art consultants, frame shops, interior designers, and medical center curators.

How can I select prints?
Please browse my website;, or you may request a digital submission requesting specific subjects, locations or colors. The images would be sent to you via Dropbox for your review.

Will you mat or frame prints?
Only for local orders. I ship prints rolled up to you or your frame shop. Prints are shipped with insurance. For local orders in the Spokane, Washington area, I can provide framed photographs. For Spokane area projects, please contact me directly for framing options and prices.

Can I purchase digital files of your photographs?
Yes, please see prices for print-ready high-resolution files below.

Can you print on other surfaces besides paper?
Yes, I have printed on canvas, acrylic and metal. Often the client will order a high-resolution file and print at their own location to save on shipping costs. However, I can print on these surfaces and ship the order. Please contact me about shipping costs for canvas, metal and acrylic prints.

What is your Pricing Schedule?
Please use this chart in pricing prints. Shipping cost will be added at my cost, not to exceed 5% of print order total cost. Larger mural sizes not on this chart are available as much of my work is from 4×5, large-format cameras and is great for mural sizes; please inquire for pricing. I discount large orders and will always try to work within your budget.  Please see below for volume discounts.

     Print Size Print on paper Print on Canvas Digital File, one-time use
16×20 to 16×22 $240 $300 $125
20×24 to 20×28 $275 $325 $150
24×30 to 24×34 $300 $375 $175
28×36 to 28×40 $350 $450 $200
32×40 to 32×46 $400 $500 $250
36×45 to 36×52 $450 $600 $300
40×50 to 40×56 $550 $700 $350
44×60 to 44×66 $650 $800 $450

Do you offer discounts? Yes, I offer discounts based on the total amount of the order: 5% if over $5,000, 10% if over $15,000, 15% if over $25,000.

Can you print sizes not listed on your price-list?
Yes, you may order custom sizes at no extra charge. The closest size listed would be the price for your custom size. I may need to crop a little to achieve the requested size. If you prefer, I will email you a final sample of the new size before making the final print.

How large can photos be printed?
I have used large-format cameras for 25 years. These images have been printed up to 30 feet wide while retaining image sharpness. Digital capture images will enlarge well up to 5-12 feet wide (often depending on the specific image) Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about specific image sizes, resolution and sharpness.

Are the prints signed?
Yes, in a fairly inconspicuous way in the lower right corner.

Are prints archival?
Yes, I use archival pigments and acid-free fine art papers. Archival prints will not fade (when positioned out of direct sunlight) for at least 60 years. (please note that colors in low-cost prints often fade or develop a bluish tint within 5-15 years)

Can you accept credit cards?
Sorry, not at this time, but this may change soon. Please pay by check, made out to: Charles Gurche, mailed to 1123 S. Wall St, Spokane, WA 99204

How can I place an order?
You may order by email or phone to provide:

  • your name and email address
  • billing and shipping addresses
  • phone number
  • the image file number (for example Gurche_4805)
  • print dimensions 
  • photo paper choice (glossy, luster or water-color paper)

How long will printing take?
Prints are usually shipped within 7 business days. Larger orders may take 2-3 weeks. If you need prints immediately, I can often accommodate.

What if I am not satisfied with a print, or the photos are damaged during shipping?
I guarantee satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, I will make a new print and ship it at no charge.